PE Series – Private equity: Myth or reality?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKKAAAAJDJiZDFhMWJhLTk2ODItNDc5MC04ZWMwLTgwMDhlNTcwYjQwMgI am delighted to have the latest post from my PE Series published on MoveMeOn’s website. I have decided to tackle the often widespread idea that private equity only offers upsides compared with life in consulting. Although private equity can, in many respects, represent a better ‘package’, I believe there are a few ‘less positive’ aspects worth considering before making the jump.

The article can be found here. Thanks again to Rich and Bebe for including me in that wonderful venture.

PE Series – 29 questions before accepting an offer

investigate-basic-facts-questions-check-list-investigation-word-checklist-asking-who-what-where-why-how-as-43806704 The third post of my PE Series for MoveMeOn was published earlier this week. I have been listing questions that you should have answers to prior to accepting an offer in a private equity fund. Indeed, each fund has its own operating model, structure and culture and each candidate needs to make sure that all the aspects of the offer suit him before signing.

The PE series is a nice way to introduce readers to the career event dedicated to PE I will be holding jointly with MoveMeOn on the 16th. More information to follow…


PE Series – When to look for the boarding gate?

UntitledI have finished writing another post for Movemeon, the second one of my ‘PE series’. This one deals with the best moments of a consulting career to transition to private equity – the first one, published a couple fo weeks ago, dedicated to the various types of private equity fund.

The full text of the post can be found here.

Other business as usual posts back soon!

‘All PE funds were not created equal’

UntitledI am delighted to pursue my collaboration with recruiting and career development website Movemeon over a series of blog posts related to the world of private equity.

A few weeks ago I wrote ‘7 reasons why private equity funds will need more consultants‘, which became Movemeon’s most read and most shared article of Q1 2016, I today published ‘All Private Equity Funds were not created equal‘, which focuses on the differences between the various types of funds, from VC to LBO and turnaround.

Separately, the Movemeon team and I are currently working on organising an event dedicated to discovering and making a career in private equity. If you are a current or former strategy consultant, do not forget to register on to be notified when this event goes live.