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UntitledCompetition and connection fees in the mobile phone industry, 2016, Lambert Academic Publishing – Available on LAP’s website

‘Mobile Termination Rates’ (MTRs), more usually known as ‘connection fees’, are charges incurred by mobile phone operators when one of their customers calls outside their network. In each country the communications regulator is responsible for setting a ‘fair’ MTR which takes into account the need for investing in new infrastructures while preventing ‘tacit collusion’ between operators. This study begins with a theoretical description of the MTR setting framework and then compares the approaches adopted by the ARCEP in France and the Ofcom in the UK. Finally, the study compares the competitive landscapes surrounding the mobile phone operator industry in those two countries and assesses to which extent those differences can be attributed to the previously outlined regulatory approaches.


1187592-gfLes Paris Sportifs en Ligne, 2011, Editions Amphora – Available on Amazon

Since the 2010 World Cup, the French online sports betting market is open to competition. Our British neighbours have, for several decades, perfectly included it into their daily lives. Although more than 3 million French people opened an online betting account in the 6 months following the market liberalisation, a significant share of the population still ignores the secrets of this world.
As a former In-Play Trader at Unibet (a bookmaker based in London), the author shares the result of hundreds of hours of bookmaking at professional level and allows you to easily improve your knowledge and practice of online sports betting. Whether you are a beginner or a regular player, this book will enable you to master the keys to “understand” this universe, “play” in an efficient and thoughtful way and finally “win”. Quentin Toulemonde answers any questions you may have about this new world in an easily accessible and fun guide. Through quizzes and tests, you will discover the hidden side of online betting and make your play a success!

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