About this blog

UntitledWho are you?

My name is Quentin Toulemonde, I am a 29-years old French national living in London since 2009. After graduating from Polytechnique, Ponts et Chaussees and LSE, I started my career with a short stint in the French public administration before joining the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant in London. I am now working in the private equity industry – as many French people on this side of the Channel.


What is this blog about?

This blog is a way to share my thoughts on topical issues and to analyse them using a mix of economic theory and concrete business experience. The topic selection naturally reflects my personal sector preferences, i.e. Consumer, Tech and Asset Management under various forms, including Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Funds.

I find the ‘raw material’ for my posts in generalist and economic, French and British newspapers and magazines, primarily The Financial Times, The EconomistLes Echos, Le Figaro and Challenges, although the subsequent research I make to substantiate my posts can lead me far away from this list of sources.

Please note that this blog expresses my own opinion and does not in any case represent the view of my former employer or any of its affiliates.


How frequently do you intend to share new posts?

It will depend on the news and on the time available, but I will endeavour to publish one to two posts per week.


How can we contact you?

My email is quentin.toulemonde [at] gmail.com. Additional information can be found on my CV and on my LinkedIn_logo_initials page.